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All About Tile Heritage

Tile Heritage Foundation was launched in 1987 with a national outreach in the USA: Imagine anyone or any institution being able to “forever-find” and utilize historic and contemporary information related to American ceramic tile traditions where the knowledge has been freely shared, archived and preserved for posterity in the public domain!

Be Part of the Legacy!

Tile Heritage Foundation (THF) is a national, nonprofit, charitable organization established in 1987 that is dedicated to promoting awareness, appreciation and preservation of historic and contemporary ceramic surfaces in the United States.

The Foundation serves the need for a historical perspective regarding all ceramic surfacing materials, both past and present. In addition to aiding in the education of the public about the rich and varied history of tile, the organization is a major voice in the preservation of existing installations of rare and unusual ceramic surfaces while enhancing the visibility of contemporary tile work as well.

You can inspire the minds of future generations with a legacy gift to the Tile Heritage Foundation.

Your Benefits

Tile Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. Some gifts can reduce estate taxes. Some gifts by-pass capital gain taxes.Your gift today is a lasting investment in your community.
Advantages to these legacy gifts

The legacy gifts described in this guide let you manage your giving with flexibility and confidence. You remain in control
of your assets for as long as you need them and can change your mind at any time, for any reason. For example, if your
situation changes, you can adjust the amount of your gift as well as your beneficiaries, usually at no cost. This ensures
you can protect your loved ones while still providing perpetual support for the Tile Heritage Foundation. Whether you
designate a specific amount or a percentage of your estate to the Tile Heritage Endowment, your legacy gift will help
ensure that everyone has access to the Tile Heritage Foundation Archives & Collections  – now and forever.
Note: Tile Heritage Planned Giving Legacy Endowment has a Component Fund Contract managed by
Foothills Community Foundation. https://foothillscommunityfoundation.org
YES! I would like to join the Tile Heritage Foundation Legacy of Friends!
I have committed a legacy gift to the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund in my estate or financial plans.
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Help protect ceramic tile history simply by signing your name. Tile Heritage supporters like you frequently tell us, “I
wish I could do more.” You can help protect and preserving the Ceramic Tile Traditions in America for many years to
come by naming Tile Heritage Foundation as a beneficiary of any of these types of accounts:

Planned Giving Option #1 – Bequests

You can gift a portion or all of your estate to the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund through your will or trust. This is called
a bequest, and there are several ways to structure it:

Specific Bequest: This specifies an exact dollar amount or a specific item of property that you leave to the Tile
Heritage Endowment. The language in a will for such a gift would read, for example, “I bequeath $5,000 to the Tile
Heritage Endowment Fund” or “I bequeath my vacation home to the Tile Heritage Endowment.”

Residuary Bequest: Using this bequest structure, you can leave specific assets to loved ones while giving the
remaining or “residuary” amount to the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund. For example, “After all other gifts, I bequeath
the remainder of my estate to the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund.”

Contingent Bequest: You can designate the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund as a contingent beneficiary in case of a
certain event. For example, “I give 5% of my estate to my friend Mary Jones, if she survives me – or, if not, to the Tile
Heritage Endowment Fund.”

Planned Giving Option #2 – Life Insurance

You can make this gift simply by naming the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of either an existing policy
or a new policy that you purchase for this purpose. In either case, a portion of your premiums may be immediately tax
deductible, depending on your situation, even though the Endowment Fund won’t receive the gift until you pass on.

How to make a gift to the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund through a life insurance policy:
You can make the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund the beneficiary of your life insurance policy by
completing a “Change of Beneficiary” form either online or by requesting the form from your
insurance company. List the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund, c/o the Tile Heritage Foundation Tax ID: 68-0135531 as
the beneficiary on the form of all or a portion of the policy’s value.

Planned Giving Option #3 – Retirement Assets

Retirement assets, such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s, are often the most
heavily taxed assets in an estate. That’s because these funds have enjoyed tax-free growth over
a long time period. Compared to other assets, they can be the most tax-burdened assets to leave to your heirs, making
them ideal for charitable giving.

How to make a gift to the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund with retirement assets:
To gift your remaining retirement assets, list the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund, c/o the Tile Heritage Foundation (Tax
ID:68-0135531) as a beneficiary of your account. You can often make this change by logging into your account online or
requesting a “Change of Beneficiary” form from your retirement account administrator.

Planned Giving Option #4 – Bank & Brokerage Accounts

Similar to leaving retirement assets to the Tile Heritage Endowment, you can name the Endowment Fund as the
“transfer on death (TOD)” or “pay on death (POD)” beneficiary for all or a percentage of a bank account, brokerage
account, or a certificate of deposit. Typically, in many states, TOD beneficiaries can receive the assets without having to
go through probate.

As with other planned giving tools, a TOD designation allows you to retain full control over the assets during your
lifetime. You also have the ability to change the beneficiary or close the account at any time. Funds will only transfer to
the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund after your death if the designation is still in place.

How to make a gift to the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund through a bank or brokerage account:
Rules vary slightly by state, but you can typically contact your bank or brokerage firm and request a beneficiary form, or
TOD form, that allows you to name the Tile Heritage Endowment Fund, c/o the Tile Heritage Foundation (Tax
ID:68-0135531) as a beneficiary of your account(s) once you pass on.
Name Tile Heritage Foundation as a Beneficiary
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• You decide how much to give — no gift is too small.
• You can provide for your loved ones first and make a gift to Tile Heritage.
• You pay nothing now and retain control of your assets during your lifetime.
• If your needs change, you can change your mind at any time.
• You can be recognized or remain anonymous.
• You can leave a gift in honor or memory of someone who inspired your dedication to tiles and tile history.
• You can ensure that your generosity is felt by future generations.

We’re Here to Help
Notifying us of your gift is the best way to ensure that we receive the gift you have planned for us. We also want to say
thank you and honor your generosity.

To notify us of a legacy gift you have planned, discuss the best gift option for you or simply request more information
about our planned giving program, please contact:

Sheila Menzies: email foundation@tileheritage.org with the subject: “Legacy Gift or Planned Giving”.
from pledging a legacy gift?
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As a Legacy Friend you can have a lasting impact on tile history preservation by leaving a gift to Tile Heritage
Foundation in your will, trust, or beneficiary designation. Your generosity will help protect the archives and collections
of American Tile History.

A gift provides financial strength to current operations and future development and will have an impact on preserving
American Tile History for posterity and a legacy for future generations.
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